Roof Access Ladder

Be Safe Up There! -- Roof Access Ladders

Roof Access Ladder

If you are involved in a business or industrial application and need a safe and secure access to the roof of your building, then you need a sturdy and safe roof access ladder.

One good company that makes roof access ladders is ACL Industries. They manufacture an aluminum heavy-duty roof access ladder with a walk-through safety handrail. They also manufacture an aluminum heavy-duty parapet access ladder with a walk-through safety handrail. In addition, and among other products, they also manufacture an aluminum heavy-duty roof access ladder with walk-through safety cage and walk-through safety handrail, and also a corresponding parapet access ladder. They make other interesting similar products as well, so make sure to give their website a good looking over.

Another great company manufacturing roof access ladders is O'Keeffe's, Inc. According to information on their company website, safety cages are required on a long ladders which are over 20 feet in height, and safety cages are recommended on all ladders which are in a very high or dangerous location, and that roof access ladder platforms are also required every 30 feet. I think these recommendations are very wise indeed!

O'Keeffe's makes several different types of roof access ladders: series 500 standard-duty channel rail fixed access ladders, series 501 heavy-duty tubular rail fixed roof access ladders, model 502, tubular rail low parapet access ladders (with roof over rail extensions), series 503 tubular rail low parapet roof access ladders with platform and return, and series 504 tubular rail low parapet roof access ladders with walk-through rail extensions. At the company website you can either download or browse information concerning construction details and dimensions of all of these roof access ladder products.

Another great product is ALACO aluminum ladders. These are constructed from a special aluminum alloy which gives it high strength -- the manufacturer states that their fixed roof access ladders will never need painting and are able to resist scratches. Their exterior roof access ladders are designed to be 20 feet high or less. You can purchase one of their series of letters with just a hand rail, or other type of structures on top, as your needs may dictate. They also will manufacture custom-made brackets for their roof access ladders to fit specific wall construction requirements.

Another manufacturer of good-quality roof access ladders is Maxam Metal Products. They manufacture both floor and roof access ladders -- and they can make them in either treated aluminum, prime coated steel or galvanized steel. Maxam also manufactures a pivoting wall access ladder that is equipped with safety treads -- and they will also manufacture a custom-made parapet access extension when one of their roof access ladders is installed on the exterior of your building.

Finally, one of the major players in the access ladder area is the Cotterman Company. Cotterman manufactures standoff platform ladders, dock ladders, fixed roof access ladders with cages, and plain-vanilla fixed roof access ladders. For example, their series SC -- fixed roof access ladders with safety cages -- are manufactured in lengths from 10 feet-30 feet. They are constructed with 3/4" round corrugated rungs and have a 300 pound capacity. They have many other types of roof access ladders than can be mentioned in this brief article, so don't fail to check out their company website -- real soon.