Ladder Tree Stands

Stay Out Of The Way And You'll Get More Game -- Ladder Tree Stands

Ladder Tree Stands

What is a ladder tree stand? Well, ask any hunter -- they'll tell you! A ladder tree stand is simply a specially-designed ladder that a hunter will use to climb a tree, and remain in an elevated position, in order to more effectively spot and bag game in the wild. Ladder tree stands are used because they keep the hunter up and out of the way -- animals in the wild will be far less likely to see, hear, or smell a hunter who is located far up in a tree.

An interesting ladder tree stand -- actually several models -- come to us from Big Dog. I'm talking about the Big Dog XL Ladder Stand. I like all the features of this ladder tree stand -- it uses heavy-duty steel, it has a larger sized platform at the top with a generous seat (19.25" x 13.5"). This ladder tree stand also features a fully-padded flip up shooting rail, side storage bags for all your stuff -- and best of all, it has a 300 pound weight capacity. It will run you just under $80 retail.

Another great ladder tree stand comes to us from Guide Gear. They make a 20 foot double-rail ladder tree stand -- normally priced at around $180. The platform size is 17 1/4" by 22 3/4". This ladder tree stand also features pinned sections, a padded shooting rail and footrest, an adjustable ladder support bar. It is also rated at a 300 pound weight capacity.

Another great ladder tree stand -- from Big Game -- is their Riflemaster 16-foot deluxe ladder stand with shooting rail. Normally priced at just under $150, this ladder tree stand features a patented shooting rail, full-steel construction, 18 x 22" foot platform, 18 x 14" bucket seat -- which is 2 inches thick! -- and 18 x 14" back cushions. It too has a capacity of 300 pounds.

Perhaps you like to go hunting with a friend? In that case you will need a 2-person ladder tree stand -- and Guide Gear has you covered: they make a beautiful 16 foot, 2-person ladder tree stand, normally priced at $180 retail. This is no cheap piece of merchandise -- it comes with a folding shooting rail and 2 safety harnesses -- and you guys who are a bit "larger" than normal will love using this ladder tree stand just for yourself, as it has a heavy-duty, welded steel frame, and is able to hold up to 500 pounds.

Finally, for those bow hunters out there, I'd like to mention the Loggy Bayou 20' Bowhunter Ladder Stand. Normally priced around $140 retail, this ladder tree stand has a removable shooting rail which is capable of making extremely small adjustments. It also features a detachable and padded gun rest, and angled support arms will not get in the way of your bow. This ladder tree stand for bow hunting will provide you with a 24 x 18 inch platform, and is capacity rated at 300 pounds.