Fire Escape Ladder

Are You Prepared? You Will Be With A Fire Escape Ladder

Fire Escape Ladder

If you live in a 2 or 3-story home, how would you get out if there was a fire discovered on the lower level? If this question troubles you, then perhaps you should look into purchasing a fire escape ladder. These ladders are specially designed to hook over the window sill and hang out on the side of your home, enabling you and your family to climb down to safety.

Of course, when purchasing a fire escape ladder, you will need to make sure that you have one that is the proper length -- if it's too short, then you will have to hang onto the lowest rung or try to jump off, perhaps injuring yourself. If you have a 2-story home, I would recommend the Kidde 13-foot fire escape ladder (their model number 468093).

This fire escape ladder is normally priced at just under $40 and will support up to 1000 pounds (750 pounds on one rung!) -- and this is important, because in event of fire, several members of your family may need to climb down the fire escape ladder at one time. This fire escape ladder is constructed with anti-slip ladder rungs which are zinc-plated. This fire escape ladder also features a tangle-free nylon strap design that will keep your ladder from a coming twisted.

If you have a taller home, then of course you will need a 3-story fire escape ladder -- and again, Kidde makes a model just for you. Priced at just under $80 retail, this fire escape ladder is a full 25-feet in length. This ladder also has a maximum weight capacity of 1000 pounds, and comes with a 5-year warranty.

Another company making really good-quality fire escape ladders is First Alert. For example, their model EL52-2 is a 2-story, 14-foot escape ladder. Normally priced at just under $40 retail, it is fully assembled and ready to use. This ladder has a maximum weight capacity of 1,125 pounds, and is constructed from DuPont Cordura nylon strapping. This fire escape ladder complies with ASTM standards, and has a 6-year limited warranty.

Finally, if you need a really extra-long fire escape ladder, then consider this product from Bold Industries. They manufacture a 50-foot escape ladder! Normally retail priced at just under $290, it is a traditional chain construction -- and this fire escape ladder is long enough to be used from a 5-6 story building! Each rung has been tested to a 450 pound weight capacity -- the entire ladder will support up to 1000 pounds, and it will fit windows or walls up to 10 inches thick. By the way, it is a very good thing to invest in an extra-long fire escape ladder, as it will eliminate having to jump to the ground from the last rung -- possibly injuring yourself and other family members.