Dock Ladder

Ships Ahoy! -- Dock Ladders Ahead!

Dock Ladder

If you are a boat owner, and keep your boat tied up to a dock or similar structure, then you are going to need a good-quality dock ladder. The purpose of this brief article is to highlight some of the better quality dock ladders, and the companies that manufacture them.

One company which has been selling marine-related products for awhile now is Boxes Unlimited. They make a number of different types of dock ladders -- stationary ladders, retractable ladders and floating dock retractable ladders -- they also manufacture swing ladders and replacement parts for dock ladders as well.

If you need a dock ladder for a stationary (non-moving) marine dock, then you should choose a stationary dock ladder. These are also great to use if you have a permanent seawall near your home. Boxes Unlimited manufacturers stationary dock ladders in 3, 4, 5, and 6 step models, and prices begin at $121.95 (for the 3-step model).

Another type of dock ladder that you might purchase is a retractable dock ladder -- the advantage in using this type is that lower sections of the ladder can be raised above the water line -- and this will help to prevent corrosion and marine growth that would normally be present in a dock ladder when it remains continually submerged. Boxes Unlimited manufactures retractable dock ladders with 3 --7 steps (the 3-step retractable dock ladder is priced at $158.95, shipping to the continental US included).

On the other hand, many boat owners have their craft moored up at a floating dock -- and these folks need a floating dock retractable ladder. The models available from Boxes Unlimited have a section that is fixed in place, and which extends 14 1/2 inches downward from the top of the deck. Like other dock ladders manufactured by Boxes Unlimited, you can purchase these floating dock retractable ladders in 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7-step models. The largest -- 7-step -- of these is priced at $238.95 (shipping included).

Finally, we should mention a swing dock ladder -- these are designed very similar to stationary dock ladders, but the lower section can be freed from its normal position, and it will swing up and out of the water. As with other Boxes Unlimited dock ladders you can purchase a 3-step model for $181.95, a 4-step model for $191.95, a 5-step model for $201.95, a 6-step swing dock ladder for $211.95, and also a 7-step model for just $219.95 (all models pricing includes shipping within the continental US).