Bunk Bed Ladders

You Want Bunk Bed Ladders? We Have Them -- Right Here!

Bunk Bed Ladders

Many homes -- especially those with younger children -- have one or more bedrooms which are equipped with bunk bed units. Over the years, and with plenty of rough handling from the kids, bunk bed ladders can become bent or broken -- and that can present a problem for parents, as most bunk bed ladders are not sold separately. But we've done some of the work for you -- we have scoped out some very good deals on high-quality bunk bed ladders -- and we'd like to present a few of those items for your consideration --

A great company which manufactures bunk bed ladders, bunk beds, loft beds and platform beds is the Stubborn Norwegian. Stubborn Norwegian makes bunk bed ladders from both Douglas fir as well as pine. Stubborn Norwegian manufactures bunk bed ladders which are used on the end of the bunk bed (called a bunk bed end ladder), as well as bunk bed ladders which are used along the front of the bunk bed (these are called a bunk bed face ladder). When you purchase one of their loft or bunk beds, these bunk bed ladders will currently cost you $70.

Another outlet where you can find bunk bed ladders for sale is at Rustic Log Furniture. As their name implies, their bunk bed ladders are made with a rustic look. For example, they offer a log-style bunk bed ladder to complement their Frog Whiskers bunk bed. This bunk bed ladder features a hand rubbed finish -- they use all-natural boiled linseed oil and wax, so you know that this product will be very durable.

Another option is given to us by Wal-Mart. They make a bunk bed rails kit available for their Linon Home line -- this all-in-one "kit" includes many different components -- bunk bed rails, guardrails and a ladder, in addition to a crossbar.

A unique product offering comes to us from MassCor -- this is a division of the Massachusetts Department of Correction. They make a very nice bunk bed ladder -- made from metal. Although you will have to assemble this bunk bed ladder yourself, it is very inexpensively priced at just $50 (this is their model #NLD-1).

A wonderful overseas company making all types of matters -- including bunk bed ladders is LaddersRus. They will custom manufacture a Timber shelf ladder to any length that you need -- this is a great help for any parent who needs to replace their children's old, worn-out bunk bed ladder. As these ladders are custom manufactured, they cannot be exchanged or refunded if they are wrong size, so you'll need to measure carefully.

LaddersRus will custom make your bunk bed ladder in any length from 1.2 m -- 3.4 m in length! You can order this bunk bed ladder in a standard width, or a narrower or wider size if desired. You can also order their custom-made bunk bed ladder with or without hooks, and with or without a handrail. Keep in mind that this company is located in the UK, so any products you order from them may take a while before it is delivered.