Above Ground Pool Ladders

Get In The Swim! -- With Above Ground Pool Ladders

Above Ground Pool Ladders

Do you own an above ground pool? Is your pool ladder looking at a bit worn and beat up? Peeled paint? Rust or corrosion? Loose railings or rungs? Then it's time to look into the purchase of a new above ground pool ladder! We'd like to mention just a few of the good-quality items that you can choose from.

Our first above ground pool ladder is made by Heritage Pools. For only $224.99, you can purchase one made from durable resin. This above ground pool ladder is designed to fit pools that are between 48-52 inches in depth. This model is 54 x 22 x 14 inches and weighs 56 pounds, and also includes an outside staircase that can be lifted off when necessary.

Another product comes to us from Blue Wave -- a deluxe in-pool ladder for above ground pools. Also manufactured from resin, this above ground pool ladder is constructed with double handrails, which will allow for a safer and easier trip in and out of your pool. This model is also adjustable and includes flanges for a deck mounted installation. This above ground pool ladder will fit in any above ground pool of 48-54 inches deep. This ladder has a capacity of 300 pounds, and comes with a five year warranty.

Another great product is a standard A-frame ladder -- not the wooden kind, but one made from resin. These models are designed to fit the above ground pools with a 48-54 inch depth. This above ground pool ladder as it carrying capacity of 350 pounds and features extended handrails and non-skid treads and a non-skid top platform. It also includes a five year warranty.

Another great-looking above ground pool ladder is made by Biltmor. Their above-ground step-to-ladder entry system is very easy to install, being constructed of corrosion-proof polyethylene that will fit any pool up to 54 inches in depth. This above ground pool ladder is also lockable, and the top seat on this unit also serves to protect the top railing of your pool. It comes with a three-year warranty -- I highly recommend it!

Finally, I'll mention my absolute favorite in above ground pool ladder -- the true family fun stair entry system. This above ground pool ladder is made entirely from non-corroding vinyl. If you have older or younger folks in your family, they'll appreciate the fact that this ladder is a 5-step model. This above ground pool ladder can be used in round or oval pools of 48-52 inch depths. The yard gate is self latching and lockable -- and it's also self-closing.

This model is designed so that you will go through the gate in your yard, walk up the steps (with hand rails on each side to guide you), get to the top platform, then walk down the steps to the other side -- and you will not have to turn around when you enter the pool, as with other models -- which makes it great for children and the elderly to use. This above ground pool ladder is also highly recommended.