Learn About The Many Types Of Ladders

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Learn About The Many Types Of Ladders

I'm wondering -- just what our lives would be like without the good old ladder? Most of us use one on a regular basis -- perhaps once a week or more, while others such as painters and roofers may use them every day to earn their living. I guess we take them for granted -- but if you think about it, they really make our lives a whole lot easier...

One of the reasons why ladders don't seem so noticeable is because sometimes they are safely tucked out of the way, until we need them. For example, how many hundreds of thousands of children in this country alone climb in and out of bed by using a ladder? I'm thinking of course of a bunk bed -- and all bunk beds require bunk bed ladders.

Or think about when you are out on the water -- you walk to the end of a dock or pier, but how will you get on board your boat? Well, with a dock ladder of course. Out on the lake you notice a family with their pontoon boat -- and everyone is off of it, laughing and swimming in the water. How did they get there? They used a pontoon boat ladder, that's how.

And of course, many professional tradesmen would find it difficult -- if not impossible -- to earn their living without using a ladder of some sort. Need your aluminum siding replaced? The guys from the siding company come out -- and their work truck is filled with all types of aluminum extension ladders. Need to reach a high-level chandelier? Again, out comes and aluminum extension ladder or A-frame ladder.

And if you should need your roof shingles repaired or replaced, your chosen contractor will most likely make use of a roof access ladder to keep them safe and secure when they are working on your roof.

Even in times of difficulty -- or an emergency -- you may find a ladder being used. Many folks with 2 or 3-story homes have purchased a fire escape ladder to help them or their family escape from the upper floors of their home in case of a fire. Even when we are recreating will you sometimes see a ladder -- what is it that a lifeguard sits on at the beach or public pool? And when you go out hunting? Many hunters spend hours and hours in the cold atop a ladder tree stand, hoping to bag big game.

Yes, I think it's pretty obvious that much of our day-to-day lives actually depend on the humble, sturdy ladder in some form -- that's why on the following pages you will find an extended discussion and useful product highlights about all different sorts of ladders. We know you like reading them a lot. Enjoy!


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